Photo credit: Finn Frode under Creative Commons

GARRA - Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Group

GARRA is a non-profit organization aim at protecting animal biodiversity and welfare, promoting actions that will reinforce nature protection and all species in it.

Our main goal is to create the first rescue center and animal sanctuary in Portugal directed to the protecion and recovery of wild animals, victims of traffic, illegal detention, abused and/or neglected conditions.

To present day, animals that are apprehended by the authorities either go to national zoos, or remain with their  "owner" in a condition of bona-fide depositary indeterminately.

GARRAs` main purpose is to built a Rescue Center and Animal Sanctuary in order to give safe refuge for the animals, and help them recovery physically and mentally. But we also working on education of general public creating awareness on many issues regarding conservation, animal traffic and animal welfare.

Guidance, a chimpanzee rescued by APP form a private Portuguese owner.

The Portuguese law does not allow primates to be owned by private people. Unfortunately not many people are aware of the law, while others ignore.