Our Aims

The aim for creating the first Rescue Center & Animal Sanctuary in Portugal lies on the necessity to house both exotic animals and wild native non-recoverable species that are illegally detained, neglected or abused by their owners, offering them the proper health care and well being they need, until the end of their lives.

In Portugal we only have rescue centers specific for wild native species, with no place for exotic animals. There are also no animal sanctuaries in the whole country. This project aims at giving a fast response to the urgent cases where animals are found in critical conditions, with the final goal of finding them a more adequate forever home, either on national soil or abroad, as long as they share the same policy and philosophy as our own.

Thus, the main aims of GARRA are:

1) Protection of animal welfare by working with the competent enforcement entities in order to build a suitable Rescue Center for all wild animals that are apreended and cannot go back to the wild.


2) Educate the public about biodiversity, conservation and animal welfare through training seminars, workshops and other dissemination activities.

More specifically we propose to:

a) Help the competent authorities in the rescue of exotic and native animals

b) Build a Rescue and Rehabilitation Center to accomodate temporarily/definitively wild animals that have been apreended by the competent authorities, since no appropriate place is found in Portugal, specially in regard to exotic animals.

c) Work in partnership with other european Rescue Centers and Sanctuaries in order to offer the best adequate place for all rescued animals, as long as they share the same philosophy and policy as our own.

d) Fight wildlife traffic and ilegal detenction of wild specimens both exotic and native.

e) Promote sensibilization and training to the agents involved in the animals rescues (mainly SEPNA and nature vigilates).

f) Promote education activities for schools to raise awarness on biodiversity conservation and animal welfare